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Experia.Digital is a SAAS platform for on-demand report generation especially in the form of Graphical representations from a large and unstructured set of data for better visibility and insights enabling better visibility and business growth. We provide data processing services along with final graphical reporting.

Experia.Digital can be used widely by professionals from all backgrounds who are looking for data processing in order to get key insights from their existing data. Experia.Digital is highly beneficial for large organisations from all segments, growing startups, MSMEs as well as for individuals and freelancers.

Experia.Digital is a SAAS platform with multiple Subscription plans available for the users based on their requirement and volume of reports. We have derived the best in the market and highly affordable plans which the user can avail as per their choice. The detailed pricing along with feature set can be viewed from here

Experia.Digital Pricing

Once you sign up using an email id with us, that particular email id becomes your Username and the same login credentials can be used by multiple users from the same organisation. But in case of Google or Linkedin Signup the user login is restricted to only one user for security purposes.

Yes, we provide priority support for Standard, Premier and Enterprise subscriptions. We ensure 24x7 support for our subscribers, the Lite pack subscribers also get Support from our team but the priority is always given to Standard, Premier and Enterprise subscribers. Our subscribers can avail support by writing to -

For uploading files we allow multiple file formats namely xlsx, pptx, word, keynote, pdf, pages, numbers, sql, svg, png, jpeg, gif, xml as well as Google drive links and Dropbox links.

We understand the volume and severity of your data, we allow file uploads maximum upto 50MB for each file in each session, but to overcome the file size limitations we also allow our subscribers to share Google drive or Dropbox links for bulk sharing.

We at Experia.Digital take data very seriously and handle your data with utmost care and confidentiality. We have very stringent process and network security in place to ensure safety of your data. We would never let your data leak or share with anyone without your permissions. To understand more about our commitment towards safety of your data please read our

Privacy Policy Terms of Services

In order to ensure 100% accuracy of the final output reports and precision of the graphs generated we allow 10 reports in one session. But as a user you can have multiple sessions of 10 reports each and achieve your goal of data representation.

Yes, we provide editable files for Premier and Enterprise subscriptions, for other pack subscribers there is no provision of getting an editable file until they upgrade their plan.

The previous report files are available for your downloading in the My Orders section of the portal, please note that we allow only 6 months old historic data available on the portal for downloading. In case the user needs report files generated older than 6 months then you must write to , our team will help you get them.

If you upgrade your package before exhausting the already available reports then the remaining reports will carry forward in the new subscription plan with additional features and you will get more reports for your usage, we ensure no reports are wasted.

Yes, you can export/download the reports created in Experia.Digital in total 7 formats, namely PDF, JPEG, PNG, PPTX, SVG, GIF, KEYNOTE. Editable formats like PPTX and KEYNOTE are not available for Lite and Standard pack subscribers.

Experia.Digital is majorly architectured to process large data sets for deriving different types like Historical data analysis, Root cause analysis, Descriptive analysis and Predictive analysis using graphical representations. Major representation types are mentioned here :

Graphs & Charts: Allows you to avail 25+ Graph and chart types.

Pivot Tables: Allows you to avail a powerful view with data summarized in a grid both in horizontal and vertical columns (also known as Matrix Views).

Tabular Views: Allows you to avail simple table views with column grouping and subtotals (aggregation).

Summary View: Allows you to avail a view with summarized values and grouping.

Dashboards: Allows you to avail dashboards consisting of multiple reports (along with formatted text & images) in a single page format. Dashboards provide you a quick, at-a-glance view of your key business information for easy analysis and visualization.

Yes, Eperia.Digital supports brand logo insertion on the final reports so create a more personalised and customised experience for our subscribers. The brand logo integration is also available only for Premier and Enterprise subscribers.

Yes absolutely, the final reports are your property derived from your data itself. You can embed/publish/display the reports and graphs on any platform for any use as per your choice and will. We will be providing the final report files in multiple formats for your convenience.

Yes, we believe in providing our users with the best possible features and best possible outputs. We would be keeping our users updated with new feature announcements via their email communications to serve better.

We do aim for fulfilling your expectations in the best possible way, but in case if you are not satisfied with the final reports then you can directly get in touch with us by writing us at , or by getting in touch via phone call from here :

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